Our company incubation program

We provide our expertise in start up growth
and innovation management to companies
and entrepreneurs that want to establish new
enterprises or new business lines with high
growth potential.

• We bring innovation to your company
• We turn opportunities into new companies


1. managerial team
2. start up experience
3. innovation expertise
4. financing support
5. project execution


equity participation



Expectations             Results

Company incubation

We identify new business opportunities that can be developed together with industrial groups or growth-oriented SMEs. Once the main idea has been validated, we verify and structure each phase of the business plan, reinforce the project and find strategic partners and the necessary funding resources. Finally, with our team we drive the start up and growth phases.

1. Business Check Up

Through a 360-degree view, which combines an analysis of market conditions, the innovative contribution of the project, and competition system, we can define the potential of the business idea and understand if it makes sense investing in the opportunity from an entrepreneurial point of view.

2. Business Plan

Once we have estabilished that the idea is “good”, we are committed to shape it. We define a 5 year strategic plan which is competitive with respect to the characteristics of the market and competitors, and sustainable from an economic-financial view.

3. Start up

The project on paper turns into a truly enterprise: we work in the forefront for its development, through an implementation agenda based on the gradual achievement of results.

4. Growth

Once the solidity has been achieved, through our experience in business development, we lead the company to set ambitious growth goals, creating the conditions for the real improvement.